Women’s Eye WE

Women’s Eye WE

Women’s empowerment organization
in Japan, Tohoku
WE has eyes on
Life-related issues and socially vulnerable people.

Vision, Mission and Value

Women reach their potential as they are with their lives and livelihoods at the center.


1. Empowering local women.
2. Challenging the structural environments surrounding local women.
3. Amplify voice of local women.

WE values and elevates the idea that “women’s eyes” provide invaluable insights and sensible solutions to meet the everyday life challenges faced by socially vulnerable people.

Who WE is?

Founded in May 2011, Women’s Eye (WE) is a non-profit organization that supports the women in the Tohoku coastal area hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami.  Our staff of 12 women, Board of Directors and 110 supporting members work to bring regional and national stakeholders together to create collaborative solutions to meet the challenges faced by vulnerable women and children. (Data of Apr.2023)

Why WE works?

Japan has a strong patriarchy-based culture and society.  In 2022, the World Economic Forum (WEF) gender gap index ranked Japan 116th out of 147.  Simply put, Japan needs women’s empowerment.  This is particularly true for women in rural areas of Japan where they suffer from stereotypes and gender-biased discrimination/behavior from both family and the community resulting a loss of educational, vocational, business and political opportunities.


Mission1: Empowering local women

  • Leadership & Networking “Grassroots Academy Tohoku”
  • Local Women’s Empowerment “Active Women’s College”
  • Counseling for Women & Girls

Mission2: Challenging the structural environments surrounding local women

  • Child Care Research & Advocacy
  • Single Parent Household Research & Advocacy
  • Children’s Place “MIRAITO”
  • ICT job training for local women

Mission3: Amplify Voice of Local Women

Support Women’s Eye

As a non-profit organization, your donation supports WE’s vital work to advance women’s power, life chances and opportunities throughout the coastal region of Tohoku, Japan.
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